Compilator offers software solutions to Euromasters’ entire operations in the Nordics

The agreement between Euromaster and Compilator means that Euromaster will continue to use the Compilator software in its workshops and Head Office environment. The companies have a long history of working together and Euromaster was Compilator’s first customer to upgraded to the new generation of DäckData, DD5 at its headquarters. With the new agreement comes the next step – which means upgrading all the workshops.

“We’ve been working with Compilator since 1999 and see Compilator more like a business partner than a supplier and we soon understood that a flexible and reliable operational system is the way forward. The choice to continue our business relationship with Compilator was obvious to us, because throughout the journey we knew that Compilator listened to us and delivered a solution that works, “says Jani Minler, IT Director of Euromaster Nordics.

Anders Paulcén, CEO of Compilator, comments: “We are very pleased that Euromaster has chosen to renew the contract with us. For us, it’s a pleasure to work with a reliable and good customer, but also great to get the resources we need to continue expanding and build on our new products.”