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The European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association published recently its members’ sales for the year 2017 and the last quarter of 2017.  Overall, the performance of the industry is generally stable with the exception of the agricultural tyre sales, which performed badly for the fourth year in a row. As far as the last quarter of 2017 is concerned, only consumer tyres showed a positive variation.

Consumer tyres – with a small decline in the replacement market and a small increase in the original equipment market, the consumer tyre sales from ETRMA Members remain generally stable. With regard to the mix between winter and summer tyres, it is interesting to note the slight increase of sales in winter tyres despite a generally mild winter so far.

For the truck tyre replacement segment, there was no variation in sales by ETRMA Members, despite quite a negative final quarter.

“All in all, the picture painted by 2017 for our industry is one of stability, very much as foreseen at the beginning of the year,” said Mrs Cinaralp, Secretary General of ETRMA. “However, the continued poor performance of Members’ sales in the agricultural tyre segment remains striking, especially as imports continue to grow.”

Imports of Agricultural tyres from countries outside the EU3 increased in the first 10 months of 2017 (+13%), particularly from China (+9%) and India (+7%) – the latter holding almost 40% of all agricultural tyre imports.