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Escort Vehicle Group Hails Fuel Savings and Longevity of Michelin Agilis 3 Tyres

Escort Vehicle Group Managing Director Stuart Townley believes the Michelin Agilis 3 tyres fitted on the company’s eight-strong fleet of LCVs are achieving “treble the life” of rival tyres.

Working for a portfolio of haulage companies, Escort Vehicle Group’s four Peugeot Expert and four Citroën Dispatch vans serve as outriders for the transport of abnormal loads across the UK, which can include anything from jet engines and bulldozers to steel girders for bridge construction work.

The Cheshire-based company, which also operates depots in Sussex and Dumfries and Galloway, decided to fit its entire fleet with the tyres when the business launched last year, in a bid to cut costs and reduce downtime.

Townley claims the investment in the tyres is money well spent. “Budget tyres are a false economy. If you buy cheap, you buy twice at least! If I buy Michelin Agilis 3, I can treble the life we get from the tyre. It’s the best tyre out there for fleets like mine,” he says.

“Equipping our vans with these tyres was a no-brainer. We’re pounding up and down the motorways all day long at speeds of less than 50mph, chalking up some serious mileage. We knew we were going to get the reliability and mileage out of the tyre – and so it has proved,” he adds.

“After clocking up more than 130,000km, the tyres on one of my vans still had 4.3mm of tread left when I changed to another set of Agilis 3 tyres, allowing us to save the original set as spares in the event of punctures.”

Townley, a keen advocate of Michelin products for many years, says the reduction in fuel consumption further underlines the “fantastic” total cost of ownership of the Agilis 3 tyres.

“Our vans are operating at about 80% loading, so they’re not running light. But despite this, we’re achieving consistently great fuel economy. I’ve been recording figures of 57mpg on some journeys, and I genuinely believe the Agilis 3 tyres have a very positive impact on this,” he says.

With the rapid expansion of his customer base, Townley is aiming to expand his fleet this year – all equipped with the Agilis 3 tyres that Michelin recommends for the LCV market.

“I can’t fault Michelin. The tyres are magnificent and always deliver on their promises,” he says.

Described as robust, fuel-efficient tyres built for longevity, Michelin highlights the long-lasting treadlife and significantly reduced CO2 footprint of its Agilis 3 tyre.