The upcoming diagnostic software upgrade from Snap-on®brings brand new enhancements to technicians’ platforms in order to improve their working lives.

One of the big innovations is the addition of Vehicle System Reports with the Snap-on cloud, ALTUS™– which is designed to make pre and post-scan reporting even easier. The all-new ALTUS file-sharing system has expanded functionality with the introduction of the latest upgrade, which will be available early in October.

Performing a pre-repair scan can find hidden issues and make sure customers are aware of problems before any work is done, while a post-repair scan confirms for them that repairs and services were completed properly.

With the new release, the Vehicle System Report for pre and post-scans on MODIS™ Edge and SOLUS™ Edge can be automatically uploaded to ALTUSDRIVE.com.

From there, the document can be printed, e-mailed or sent via text to help strengthen customer confidence in a workshop’s services – and it can be used to fulfil mandates by manufacturers and insurance companies for pre and post-collision work as well.

Alongside the integration with ALTUS are a series of new features on the ZEUS™and VERUS®Edge car diagnostic tools. These include an improved system menu, which groups together vehicle systems by category for quick and easy reference; a useful backup reminder alert to prompt users to protect their data; and a scanner module quick connect screen should the technician have tried to continue without connecting the scan module to the vehicle.

And then there’s the new coverage for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) included in the latest upgrade.

To learn more about the new software upgrade and the Snap-on Software Subscription program, visit diagnostics.snapon.co.uk/software or talk to a Snap-on franchisee.