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EATD Renamed as Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH

From February 1, 2023, EATD GmbH, a subsidiary of Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited (MTPL), began trading under the name Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH (CE stands for Central Europe).

Since the start of the cooperation in July 2020 and the takeover of the main shares in EATD by MTPL, EATD GmbH has been the exclusive importer for the tyre brand Ascenso in Central Europe and is responsible for 10 sales countries. The change to the trade name Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH expresses the cooperation with Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited and is part of MTPL’s strategic plan to become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the “Off Highway” segment.

Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited took a stake in EATD GmbH to market Ascenso’s innovative and extensive range of products to customers in Europe. With the brand Ascenso, MTPL supplies first-class tyres for the following core segments: agriculture, industry and construction, earthmoving machinery, material handling and forestry. Since the market launch, the manufacturer has expanded its portfolio to more than 450 products and offers a wide range of tyres for all applications and tailor-made solutions for specific customer requirements.

“Since the acquisition, the synergies between both companies have worked perfectly and helped both companies to grow rapidly. Whilst MTPL has benefited from EATD’s distribution expertise and presence in the European tyre market, EATD’s customers can be certain that they are receiving quality products supplied directly from the manufacturer (MTPL). In the last two years, the Ascenso brand has been one of the fastest growing tyre brands in the world. This will help Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH to further strengthen the position of the brand Ascenso in the European market,” says Matthias Lüttschwager, Managing Director of Ascenso Tyres CE GmbH. EATD and the Mahansaria family have strengthened their relationship of over 30 years by changing their name. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Mahansaria Tyres Private Limited and the Mahansaria family. We are two family companies that combine over 35 years of experience to build an effective distribution network and increase the success of our customers,” continues M. Lüttschwager.