E-CUBE’s presence in the market continues to grow

Having recently announced the appointment of Yorkshire based On Board Power (OBP) as a UK distributor of E-CUBE, their latest innovation for the mobile tyre servicing market. Netherlands based TechnoMarketing Group (TMG) are now moving progressively towards the next promotional stage in delivering orders into the mobile tyre sector during the early months of 2020.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director of TMG points out that it is generally considered that over the next ten years the majority of cars will be electric powered with mobile tyre servicing becoming the normal way of changing a tyre for a motorist. He adds, “If you combine this with the feeling that eventually there will be fewer cars sold which will probably lead to a steady decline in physical workshops making tyre technicians all the more likely to solely operate on a mobile basis.”

With E-CUBE now becoming the very first single unit mobile tyre servicing unit that needs minimal space in a vehicle so that tyres can be removed from a wheel in complete safety inside the vehicle and the technician can even work with the vehicle door closed in harsher weather conditions.  Also with no need for a generator it completely eliminates any noise, smoke or gases. The timing could not be better for the long awaited introducing of this ‘ground-breaking’ piece of equipment.

It is also worth noting that TMG are currently working on the design of yet another amazing piece of innovative equipment which will play a very positive role in the future charging capabilities of electric vehicles. Ralph explains, “Unfortunately when an electric vehicle accidentally runs out of  charge it cannot be towed like a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle so it becomes stranded and needs to be lifted by a crane and taken to the nearest charging station.  However TMG are currently looking to introduce a new and completely unique add-on option for the E-CUBE, a special module that will provide a small emergency charge to enable a vehicle to reach the nearest charging point. This valuable accessory for all-electric cars looks set to become available in the first quarter of 2020.

Ralph concludes, “The latest third generation of E-CUBE is already popular with forward thinking automotive centres and garages in Europe that provide a mobile tyre fitting service and now with our accomplished distribution partners OBP we are confident the same high level of interest from the UK market in due course.” For additional information on the E-CUBE and TMG’s complete product portfolio and services contact Ralph Dubbeldam on +31 (0) 165 394018 or at r.dubbeldam@technomarketing.nl