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Dunlop Partners With ThundersportGB For 2020 And 2021

Dunlop Moto UK is pleased to announce an extension of their support for the Thundersport500 race series, with a new contract being signed recently that will see the championship run a new Dunlop control tyre for the next 2 years.

The partnership began in 2016 and has proven successful ever since, with the riders benefitting from the grip and value provided by the Dunlop Alpha13 and Alpha13SP tyres. For 2020 the series moves to a new control tyre, the renowned Dunlop Sportsmart TT.

Clinton Howe, Motorsport BDM for Dunlop UK ‘It’s great to be continuing our relationship with theThundersportGB team and to have the opportunity to move the championship to a later specification tyre which we believe will bring real benefits to the racers’.

ThundersportGB Director Syd Richard-Day said: ‘We are delighted here at ThundersportGB that Dunlop have chosen to continue their generous support for our coveted Thundersport500 series with an all new control tyre for 2020/21.

I have witnessed lap times that I thought would never be beaten in Thundersport500, tumble likeAutumn leaves using the Dunlop Alpha13SP’s this past few years. But not content with this, Dunlophave again stepped up the ante and introduced an even better tyre in the shape of the brilliant‘SportSmart TT’ to encompass the next two seasons and hopefully beyond…

We are very proud of our enduring relationship with Dunlop in the ThundersportGB paddock and I would like to pay particular thanks to Dunlop’s Clinton Howe whose warm and professional attitudehas without doubt been the glue that helps bond Dunlop, ThundersportGB and its competitors together in a family-like community throughout each season.”

The chosen control tyre, the Sportsmart TT, is a road legal hypersport tyre featuring technology developed for the Dunlop Motorsport programme which includes the Isle of Man TT and the World Endurance race series. Featuring a race derived compound to deliver fast warm up times, the Sportsmart TT is ideal for riders who want their tyre to perform on road and track.

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