DP World Selects Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty for Southampton Port Operations

DP World handles more than 1.8 million containers each year from its deep-water Southampton port facility. With such a high volume of traffic, maximising efficiency and minimising downtime is key. The goal has recently been aided by DP World Southampton extending its partnership with Goodyear to retrofit the latest state of the art tyre pressure measurement system across its port operations, including over 80 straddle carriers.

DP World has worked with Goodyear for 20 years and the partnership has extended from using Goodyear’s bespoke port tyres to a full-service partnership that involves its latest technology.

Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty is a drive-past tyre inspection system that allows automated and dynamic tyre pressure measurement. The drive-past technology removes the need for physical tyre pressure checks, freeing up port staff to focus on other operational priorities.

Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty is centralised around durable hardware and user-friendly mobile and web applications. It uses technology proven by Goodyear’s global commercial vehicle industry fleets but upscaled and adapted for use on larger container handling machines such as the straddle carriers operating at DP World Southampton.

The system uses receivers that read and analyse data from the machine’s dedicated heavy duty tyre pressure sensors as they drive by. This saves valuable time for the operator, as Martin Ranger, Managing Director at Goodyear service partner, Pro Support Services Limited, explains: “Over the years DP World has stayed in tune with the tyre industry’s latest innovations by using Goodyear’s latest products and technical innovations.

“We fit Goodyear EV-4M tyres, proven to provide an excellent return on investment for DP World thanks to improved tread wear and increased comfort compared to previous generation tyres. Following a test period, we have rolled out the Goodyear DrivePoint HD solution across the fleet. Through Goodyear mobile and web platforms, our experts can remotely manage tyre pressures, allowing staff to be more productive.

“This not only ensures that tyre pressures are optimised, but it also improves vehicle stability. We have a great triangular relationship between Goodyear, Pro Support Services Limited and DP World who work closely to ensure that we deliver the best products, technology, and support to manage the customer’s investments.”

Paul Bould, Off-The-Road Sales Manager Goodyear UK adds: “The container handling industry is a time-critical and cost-sensitive industry. Goodyear DrivePoint Heavy Duty has been proven to reduce the number of hours spent on checking tyres thanks to our automated solutions. This trial with DP World shows there is an extension of tyre service life, and a reduction in the amount of time spent stopping for tyre pressure checking. The priority for port operators is to achieve the highest level of safety while increasing uptime and efficiency. DrivePoint Heavy Duty allows them to do this, while also lowering operating costs.”

DP World’s partnership with Goodyear also supports the TreeNation initiative. For every tyre fitted, DP World donates £10 to the initiative, enough for two trees to be planted.