Denis Piccolo from BKT is now Chairman of the E.T.R.T.O. Agriculture Sub-Committee

Denis Piccolo, BKT’s Product Manager, has been appointed Chairman of E.T.R.T.O.’s agriculture sub-committee.

 The E.T.R.T.O. (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) an organisation consisting of manufacturers of tyres, rims and valves for vehicles of all kinds. It aims to harmonise the sizes and dimensions of tyres, thus avoiding any ambiguity.

The organisation has the key role of establishing common technical sizes, load and pressure characteristics, and a single set of operational guidelines tohelp end users choose the right product for their needs.

Denis Piccolo has represented BKT at E.T.R.T.O. for a long time and this appointment recognises his constant commitment on topics regarding the development of agricultural tyres and their corresponding regulation and safety. “I am proud of being appointed” Denis Piccolo states, “I will fulfill my duty with utmost commitment.”

 This appointment also confirms the BKT’s increasing weight on markets around the world, especially in Europe. This is a prestigious recognition which rewards the efforts of the Indian Off-Highway tyre manufacturing group in terms of quality, innovation, providing solid responses to customer needs and focusing on their requirements.

Denis Piccolo has the task of consolidating the position and official feedback from E.T.R.T.O. on requests regarding agricultural tyres. He is also responsible for the data published in the Technical Manual (Standard Manual) and in the Engineering Design Information, which contain E.T.R.T.O.’s official indications on the agricultural sector.