The Parts Alliance says their second major braking promotion of 2017, developed in conjunction with Delphi, has now found all of its main winners. ‘Best of Brakes’ ran throughout September and October, offering six spectacular holidays, alongside 25,000 smaller prizes via scratch cards, included with Delphi brake pads.

“The promotion has been a huge commercial success,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance. “The base facts are we’ve seen more customers than ever choosing Delphi brake pads and sales of Delphi discs, shoes and drums have grown too.

“Beyond that though, we’ve had some fantastic feedback as ‘Best of Brakes’ has delivered fun and excitement alongside the serious messages around fitting quality braking parts.”

Delphi’s braking vans supported throughout, covering 6,300 miles in visiting 600 garages around the UK. 2,000 ‘Best of Brakes’ chocolate bars and hot drinks reached customers as far afield as Inverness, Galway, Plymouth, Broadstairs in Kent.

Delphi brake pads use 20 different friction formulations and a host of premium technologies to not only meet OE standards but also closely match the performance characteristics of individual vehicles.

“Thanks to ‘Best of Brakes’ we believe more technicians than ever now understand why our pads can be installed with complete confidence,” said Julian Goulding, UK Marketing Manager at Delphi. “The engineering expertise in Delphi pads means they deliver quick stopping with low noise and wear, making them a great option.”