Deldo ATLAS – New Look

The Atlas brand was one of the first budget tyres to get top rankings in the German Autobild tests. Now several years later, Atlas maintains its position as a quality product focusing on sustainability and safety. To underline the ambition of the brand, it recently announced an extension in the 2021 summer patterns with more than 50 sizes. Bringing the total number to over 300 different articles in summer.

In the last 2 years, Atlas completely renewed and expanded the program (introducing new patterns Green HP, Green VAN2, Sportgreen3, Sportgreen SUV2). And in a year where the industry was hit hard by the covid-19 virus, it doubled the number of European dealerships.

The brand is one of the spearhead products of Belgian tyre wholesaler Deldo. “With Atlas, we have always targeted the driver looking for security at a fair price” Tom Van Dyck, Commercial Director, says. “Now, with expanding the summer line, and at the same time completing the all season size range, we give our dealers a solution for all their customers. Regardless what car they drive – Atlas now has the complete offer.” The new sizes vary from 13” to 22”.