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DCR’s Cutting Edge Technology is Reinventing the Wheel

An innovator in wheel refurbishment is heralding its latest ‘cutting-edge’ machinery for the automotive aftermarket, which not only saves hours of time in repair work, but also opens up a significant new revenue stream worth hundreds of pounds per day.

Diamond Cut Refinishing (DCR) has developed a range of solutions to provide OEM quality refinishing to diamond turned alloy wheels – which have overtaken traditional painted alloys as the most common product on the market.

Designed and manufactured in the UK from its Portsmouth headquarters, DCR has created a world-first solution to meet the changing trend, which can restore diamond cut wheels in as little as 20 minutes.

The technology – which is supplemented by comprehensive product training – is aimed at automotive depots and fast fit networks which would otherwise have to reallocate the work to a third party, resulting in time delays and a missed revenue opportunity.

In addition to the machinery, DCR is also offering other models to suit the budgets and staffing constraints of different customers, such as a business-in-a-box concept.

DCR can count on Aston Martin and BMW MINI as customers and Managing Director, Steve Barrett said “business had never been more buoyant in 2020, despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19 and the ongoing lockdown restrictions”.

Its DCR-PRO Diamond Cut Refinishing Machine requires just a standard 13amp supply and can be used as a mobile solution or anywhere in a workshop where a power socket is available. In addition, DCR has developed a patented ‘Wheel Pod’ wheel repair centre which is a standalone solution that can be dropped into a car park and be entirely managed and run by DCR on a company’s behalf, if necessary.

Key features of the machine are enhanced productivity (a 20inch wheel can be restored in under 30 minutes), a revolutionary compact design to fit in a van and the ability to cut wheels from 14inch to 24inch without the need to remove the tyre.

Steve said: “One reason for our rapid growth is the fact that new car sales are on the decline and people are opting to maintain the vehicles that they have and increase in used car sales.

“Secondly, customers are looking at other revenue streams and opportunities to upsell, which is what our solutions provide. Despite the obvious challenges we’re all facing, many sensible businesses are investing government loan support into their products and equipment for the future.”

DCR can help with leasing the machine for as little as £29.50 a day. Customers can make more than £350 in profit when re-cutting four wheels in a day.

And because DCR already counts on a number of insurance companies, fleet management companies and car rental firms as contacts, demand may have already been established in many parts of the country.

Steve, aged 46, has worked in the automotive aftermarket for 30 years and employs nine members of staff from DCR’s 25,000 sq.ft. Portsmouth base.

He added: “We offer training for technicians and can provide a solution to suit the bespoke needs of each business. To be able to restore diamond cut wheel alloys represents a huge revenue opportunity and with more motorists taking pride in maintaining their existing vehicles, we know that the demand for the nature of this work is already there.”

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