Davanti Tyres Expands Protoura Sport Size Range

Davanti Tyres’ ultra-high performance product range, Protoura Sport, has been extended after a hugely successful 2021 launch, taking the number of fitments from 21 to 50.

Protoura Sport’s proven performance and longevity make it one of the most premium options on the market for motorists that are looking for an ultra-high performance tyre that offers a fantastic driving experience alongside a high level of performance and safety.

Thanks to testimonials from motorists as well as professional racers such as Dan Zelos – the 2021 Mini Challenge Champion – and Protoura Sport ambassador, Sir Chris Hoy, the product has gained quite the reputation, which has led to the expansion of the range – now available in sizes 17”-22”. By introducing the latest line of sizes, Davanti has ensured that Protoura Sport is available for more vehicles than ever before.

Davanti Tyres general manager, Peter Cross, said: “After launching the Protoura Sport last year, the market reception has been phenomenal. The new pattern has opened up new overseas markets for Davanti and really been a catalyst to raise the whole perception of the brand.

“It was an easy decision for us to quickly ramp-up the number of dimensions available, so throughout the last year we have been busy working on the design and production of new moulds.”

Protoura Sport spent many years in development, designed to be a bold and innovative tyre that delivers extraordinary levels of performance, with a rigorous testing procedure.

Tested independently by four separate organisations, including Dekra – which puts tyres through a premium vehicle manufacturer-approved OE testing programme – and Applus IDIADA in Spain, Protoura Sport was tested over 85,000 kilometres, across 15 different testing disciplines.

“If you love driving, Protoura Sport gives you everything you want from a tyre,” said Ray Collier, Managing Director of independent automotive test organisation TREAD who conducted extensive developmental testing of Protoura Sport.

“In testing this tyre we set a high benchmark. Subjectively we were assessing the dynamic performance of the tyre and how enjoyable the driving experience was.

“We also set a high bar for safety, particularly in high-powered vehicles driving at their full potential. The testing targets were very ambitious, with thresholds set to the same levels expected in OE testing – but Protoura Sport met every challenge. It is a hugely impressive tyre and one any brand would want as its flagship product.”

For more information on the Protoura Sport range visit the Davanti website.