A lot has changed since Davanti last appeared at Autopromotec – and a lot will change after it too.

Back in 2017 Davanti was just completing the initial phase of its range development

and global distribution project and Autopromotec 2 was an important show for

establishing the brand’s identity and profile in the industry.

When it returns to Bologna this year, it does so a very different beast. It brings it’s

biggest ever stand to the show and will use the space to show off it’s burgeoning range

of products – from the ever-expanding Wintoura range to the mighty all-terrain

giantkiller Terratoura – in association with its Italian distributor Tyres Italia.

And there will be a surprise in store for visitors too, as they get the first glimpse of

Davanti’s latest project – the Protoura Sport.

Just a year after formally unveiling Terratoura, that the company is introducing a new

Ultra-High Performance tyre is a major surprise and its debut is a coup for


According to Davanti Product Development Director Gary Cross, Protoura Sport is key

to maintaining the brand’s push to bring premium tyre performance to an affordable

price point for consumers.

“UHP is a massive market, it’s why one of our first tyres – the DX640 – was specifically

designed for the sector and it became our biggest-selling tyre.

“The DX640 is still a great UHP tyre, but we wanted to see what we could achieve now.

With the research, development and engineering knowledge we have built since we

launched that, could we create something better?

“That is the Protoura Sport project. We want our UHP tyre to be as desirable as a

premium tyre for its looks, as respected as a premium tyre for its performance and

terrifying to the premium tyre manufacturers because of its price!”

While few details are yet known about Protoura Sport, Davanti will be unveiling the

first at Bologna.

The tyre is still being refined and tested but this will give distributors, suppliers and

retailers their first glimpse of where Davanti is going with its latest addition.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” said Peter Cross, Davanti Tyres General Manager. “Terratoura is

now on sale and opening up new markets for us where all-terrain is a necessity.

Wintoura continues to grow year-on-year and Davanti is now established as a global

tyre brand.

“We are now at a point where we have a full range of passenger car tyres and the

challenge for us now is to improve. To look at our popular, successful tyre ranges and

challenge ourselves to outdo them and offer customers an even better tyre at a great

value price point.

“Protoura Sport is the first of these second phase projects for Davanti.”