CST Unveils Three New Tyres at EICMA 2019

CST Tyres launched three new tyres at EICMA 2019: The RideMigra, a sport touring tyre; the RideAmbro, an adventure tyre; and the BiteEnduro, an enhanced off-road enduro tyre.

During a presentation led by CST’s UK Managing Director, Derek McMartin, the three tyres were explained in detail to a crowd of over 100 keen spectators.


The first tyre to be discussed, the sport-touring RideMigra, has been developed following feedback from genuine sport-touring riders and dealers with a focus on comfort, grip and mileage.

Due to the long touring journeys often made on this tyre, comfort and longevity are critical to the end user, as well as the ability to carry a pillion and luggage safely. To deliver this, CST have used a medium compound to give a soft, comfortable ride whilst simultaneously reducing tyre wear to allow miles upon miles of rider enjoyment.

The directional tread pattern helps reduce rolling resistance, which makes for a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride. Grooves on the shoulders keep cruising comfortable but provide good grip when cornering and effective water dispersal in the wet.

Grip is also important to those riders who prefer the ‘sport’ element of sport-touring, which is why CST have integrated technology found primarily in the passenger car tyre offering. This is called a 3D sipe, which incorporates a locking mechanism within the grooves of the tread to provide a complete contact patch under more aggressive riding and cornering.

The initial launch sizes for this tyre include a 120/70 R17 front and five popular rear sports-touring sizes, making this tyre suitable for anything from a Honda CBR 500 to a Kawasaki ZZR1400.


The RideAmbro adventure tyre from CST was the second tyre to be launched, following the same product development process as the RideMigra; speaking to the end user to find out exactly what they need from an adventure tyre.

While adventure riders have many of the same needs as a sport-touring rider, they also need confidence across a wide variety of terrains and through water.

CST have implemented this feedback and developed a tyre with an intricate tread pattern comprised of large blocks with deep tread grooves to provide excellent grip across not only tarmac but also gravel, rock and through water. The pattern is semi-directional to keep comfort high and fuel consumption low.

The RideAmbro tyre makes adventure possible, but it’s great for the daily commute too. Riders will notice little difference in their tyre performance whether the bike is heavy or light, loaded or unloaded, and this makes the RideAmbro a great solution not just for weekend adventures but for everyday city riding too.

In its first phase of production, this tyre will be available in one front size and one rear, making it suitable for the likes of the BMW R1200GS, the KTM Super Adventure and the Triumph Tiger Explorer.


The BiteEnduro was the third and final tyre to be launched by CST Tyres at EICMA 2019; a true off-road tyre developed with professional enduro riders for both competition and hobby riding.

Enduro tyres need to provide at least a whole day of intense off-road riding, puncture-free and with minimal wear. The new BiteEnduro has been developed to provide immense grip on a range of off-road terrains and obstacles too, from rocks to tree trunks to mossy surfaces, and to provide accurate and responsive handling throughout.

To make this possible, CST have revisited the tread pattern design, making wider differentiations between the front and rear tyres. The front is designed for handling and precision while the rear is designed with large contact patches for grip and acceleration, with both tyres featuring prominent shoulder knobs for responsive cornering too. The BiteEnduro also features a reinforced carcass to further reduce the risk of punctures during riding.

This tyre is currently available in one front and one rear size which makes it suitable for the Beta RR250, the KTM 690 Enduro R and many more.

All three tyres will become available to buy throughout Europe in early 2020, with the range expanding into new tyre sizes throughout the New Year.