Credential Environmental Surpasses 250,000 Tonnes Milestone

For nearly 2 decades, Credential Environmental Limited (CEL) has been at the forefront collecting “End of Life” scrap tyres in the UK and has used their experience, capability and advanced shredding technologies to recycle and safely dispose of a wide range of tyres.

Employing more than 50 WAMITAB trained waste management staff, Credential Environmental efficiently and environmentally consciously runs tyre recycling and processing sites in Selby and Wednesbury with a collections team that operates throughout 48 counties in England. CEL offers a comprehensive, fully compliant and reliable service to established customers and have a series of contracts with blue chip companies for recycled products.

Over 4,300 miles away in Sarasota, Florida, the staff at CM Shredders headquarters received a very welcoming email from Robert Taylor, Site Manager for Credential Environmental. ”We have now produced 250,000 tonnes through and we continue to look after them with our TPMs and maintenance programs… You guys certainly build good CM machines!!”

Robert Taylor added “Quality and reliability is a huge focus for our company, markets and our customers. Standards have become stricter and our equipment line is a key cornerstone of our evolving business model” As a result, Credential Environmental were meticulous about the equipment manufacturer they chose to help expand the company’s operations.

The flagship equipment of CEL’s program is centred around CM Shredders Dual Speed Chipping Shredders. One of CM’s most popular turnkey shredders, with mobile or in this case stationary configurations, it is capable of processing whole passenger, truck, SUV and semi-truck tyres down to a clean-cut 25mm chip. The rubber chips are sold as tyre derived fuel, tyre derived aggregate and can also be used as feedstock for crumb rubber production.

This is exactly what Credential Environmental customers require. Taylor added, “Apart from their stellar reputation within the industry, CM Shredders was able to provide the most advanced shredding technology and equipment which allows us to sell the best quality rubber in the market.”

CM Chipping Shredders turnkey package includes infeed conveyor, discharge conveyor, sub frame, stands and platforms as well as a control panel with PLC Controls. All systems are pre-wired and tested at the factory. This CM guarantee means systems are quickly installed and commissioned in the field. Most systems are operational in two – three days after arrival on site. This saves thousands of dollars in freight, site preparation and field installation costs. Simply supply incoming power to the system and all other systems are pre-wired and ready for operation.

Equipped with patented technology, the CM system utilizes the closest knife to knife tolerances possible with replaceable knife inserts made of through hardened tool steel. This allows the system to produce the cleanest cut chips with the least exposed wire. CM knives can be reground, repositioned and reused anywhere from 3 to 6 times.  On average, the CM knives will be able to process 320,000 PTE (Passenger Tyre Equivalent) per use before regrinding and are capable of processing roughly 1 million PTE’s per knife set.

For more information or to view the CM Shredders Dual Speed Chipping Shredders in action visit: