Courtney Buses has switched to an all-Michelin policy on a price-per-vehicle (PPV) contract as it strives to further increase the efficiency of its fleet and reduce fuel costs.

The Bracknell, Berkshire-based operator has adopted the EFFITIRES™ solution across its entire 60-strong fleet of single- and double-decker buses, each of which covers an average 40,000 miles per year on urban routes.

Courtney Buses previously took a non-specific approach to tyre selection and fitting – and it is already reaping the rewards of the new tyre management package, thanks to the long-lasting performance of Michelin’s premium fitments and the expertise provided by Michelin solutions’ highly-skilled technicians.

Malcolm Venn, Engineering Manager at Courtney Buses, says: “I wanted a managed tyre policy because it caused a major headache having to do all the vehicle checks ourselves. The nature of running a busy urban bus fleet means we typically see lots of kerbing damage, plus we’re always working hard to ensure tyre tread depths don’t fall below our minimum standard between one inspection and the next.

“Now we have a fleet-wide monthly inspection by Michelin solutions technicians who have the expertise to say whether a tyre will last till the next inspection or needs to be replaced immediately. As part of the contract, Michelin solutions will fit all new and remix tyres to our fleet.

“Also, at the end of each month I’ll receive an analysis report from Michelin solutions on tyre wear – including any mechanical problems identified as causing tyre wear. This will help us to make fully-informed management decisions based on the data we’ve collected.”

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