Cooper Tire Europe to Expand Cooper Discoverer® All Season Range with New Sizes

Cooper Tire Europe is pleased to be introducing several new sizes of its popular Cooper Discoverer® All Season tire, increasing an already extensive product line-up. Currently available in 39 sizes, spanning 14- to 20-inch rims, this number will increase to 45.

Four new sizes are to be made available for 17-inch rims (ranging from 205/45R17 XL to 225/60R17 XL), along with additions for 18-inch (215/50R18) and 19-inch (225/55R19) rims.

Boasting 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) and M+S (Mud and Snow) ratings, the Cooper Discoverer® All Season is designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather all year round.

Standout features include the latest all-season silica and resin technology (part of an upgraded tread compound), which generates tire grip over a wide temperature range;an advanced construction and durable compounds, which deliver impressive wear results and an even footprint; together with lateral 3D siping and groovesfor excellent water evacuation and wet braking – attaining an EU grade B label in this category.

Auto Express magazine featured the Cooper Discoverer® All Season as part of its 2020 All Season group test, describing the tire as “well balanced” and “the one to pick if ride comfort is your priority”.