Cooper Tire Europe Enters Collaboration with Timeless Garage

Cooper Tire Europe is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Timeless Garage, a classic vehicle restoration and customisation specialist based in Portugal.

Timeless Garages’ latest “resto-mod” project is based on the Series 1 Mitsubishi Pajero, a Full-Size SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Six vehicles will be modified in total and all have been sold in advance. An imposing design, the Timeless Garage Pajero comes equipped with the Cooper Discoverer® STT PRO™ P.O.R. (Professional Off-Road) in size LT265/75 R16.

Cooper’s most extreme off-road biased tyre, the Discoverer® STT PRO™ P.O.R. boasts Armor Tek3® construction for added tyre durability and puncture resistance; alternating shoulder lugs to enhance traction in mud and soft surfaces; and 3-2 Inner Tread Ribs to reduce noise and increase stability.

Founded in 2016 and based in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, Timeless Garage restores and customises classic cars to exacting specifications, enabling customers “to reinterpret the source design and create something that is unique”. Previous projects include modifications to icons such as the Porsche 911, Alfa Romeo GT and MGB Roadster, along with an ever-growing list of off-road vehicles including classic Land Rovers and Toyotas.

This exciting new collaboration will see Cooper Tire Europe supplying Timeless Garage with more products from its extensive 4×4 and PCR (Passenger Car Radial) ranges for future projects.

Cecilia Razeto, Head of Marketing & Communication, EMEA, Cooper Tire Europe, said, “Timeless Garage has an exceptional record in the restoration and customisation market, and with our wide range of products for both on- and off-road vehicles, new and old, it feels like a perfect match. We look forward to working together on more projects in the future.”

Tyson Ballard, CFO & Partner, Timeless Garage, said, “We knew from day one that Cooper tyres were the best fit for the Pajeros. The right wheels and tyres are critical in terms of look, stance and performance, and Cooper tyres help us to deliver this. We have been testing these tyres for months and are amazed at how durable they are. We are really excited to start this relationship and look forward to working with Cooper going forward.”

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