Continental’s WinterContact TS 870 Takes the Win in the Auto Express Winter Tyre Test

The Continental WinterContact™ TS 870 came first in the Auto Express 2022 Winter tyre test, securing top position in six testing areas including snow braking and snow circle, rolling resistance, dry handling, wet circle, straight and curved aquaplaning. A really strong result for the tyre from the popular WinterContact™ tyre range.

Year on year, the Auto Express winter tyre test offers motorists a thorough overview of the market, helping tyre buyers make informed decisions on the safest and most assured tyres during the colder months.  

The WinterContact TS 870 has some notable improvements against its equally impressive predecessor, the award-winning WinterContact TS 860.  Continental’s experts have designed a new tyre that has been developed from the ground up, featuring a newly designed tread pattern design, construction, and compound. As a result, the WinterContact TS 870 offers three percent shorter braking distances on ice and five percent better handling on snow when compared to its predecessor. Further improvements include: a ten percent increase in mileage, two percent reduction in rolling resistance and improvements in grip on snow among others.  

These advancements are made possible by a range of technologies and the new tread pattern design, which ensure safety and confidence when driving in cold and icy conditions. Continental’s SnowCurve+ technology allows the tyre tread to interlock with the compacted snow, delivering greater grip and better transmission of braking forces – particularly when cornering. Going by the name of Cool Chili, the newly developed tread compound, as found in the previous model, ensures better grip and shorter braking distances in the wet. 

Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express said: “Following a series of wins in previous Auto Express winter tyre tests, it was no surprise to see the Continental WinterContact once again coming out on top, this time in its latest TS 870 form. It offers a great balance of performance whatever the conditions.” 

Peter Robb, Continental Tyres Marketing Director said: “We are delighted to see the WinterContact TS 870 win the Auto Express 2022 Winter tyre test. This result highlights Continental’s commitment to driver safety no matter the weather.

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