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Continental’s EcoContact 6 and WinterContact TS 860 S Approved as OE for BMW 4 Series

BMW is relying on Continental’s premium products as original equipment for the new 4 Series worldwide. EcoContact 6 summer tyres in 17 and 18-inches sizes have been approved. The WinterContact TS 860 S winter tyres in 18 and 19-inches sizes have been approved for the cold season. All tyres have the XL marking for increased load capacity.


The EcoContact 6 was specially developed for low fuel consumption and high mileage. In addition to short braking distances, the efficient Continental tyre offers, among other things, reliable grip and very good cornering stability even at high speeds. The WinterContact TS 860 S combines snow performance and high safety reserves with steering precision. The winter tyres supplied for BMW are self-supporting run-flat tyres. “In case of tyre puncture, the reinforced sidewall prevents the side of the tyre from becoming trapped between the road and the rim, thus preventing it from slipping off. This means that drivers with a damaged tyre can still drive 80 kilometres to the nearest workshop,” says Dr. Holger Lange, who is responsible for tyre development for Continental’s original equipment business.


The WinterContact TS 860 S comes as a run-flat tyre from the factory and combines snow performance and high safety reserves with steering precision.

Around the globe, automotive manufacturers rely on Continental as a leading tyre supplier. In Europe, for example, every third vehicle is delivered with Continental tyres.