Continental Tyres – SMMT Q1 Used Car Sales Data

Commenting on the SMMT’s used car sales data for Q1 2022, Pete Robb, Marketing Director at Continental Tyre Group, said:

“The continued short supply of new vehicles, combined with sustained consumer demand for affordable, comfortable private travel continues to drive the second-hand car market.

“And if a used vehicle has been – and continues to be – driven and maintained correctly, there’s no reason why its second or third owner shouldn’t enjoy the same experience at the wheel as whoever bought it new.

“Tyres are an important consideration here. Every vehicle make and model has its own tyre requirements, specified by the manufacturer, that tyre fitters must be aware of so that drivers experience their cars at their best, throughout their lifetimes.

“With premium models like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A3 in the top ten, and with record numbers of used battery-powered vehicles changing hands, it’s worth pointing out the OE markings on the tyre wall when a customer is buying a car fitted with manufacturer-approved tyres – an important way to demonstrate knowledge, drive sales and boost loyalty.”