Container Crane FREERIDER from Künz Relies on Continental Tyres “CraneMaster”

Work in ports poses a particular challenge to the tyres of the vehicles and cranes used. Due to large weight differences, twists in a narrow space, long standing times, and ongoing UV radiation, the tyres are required to work hard. Continental offers a wide range of tailor-made tyre solutions for port fleets that are capable of overcoming these challenges. The product range includes pneumatic and solid tyres for all vehicle types used in port logistics. This also includes container cranes, known as rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG). When it comes to tyres, innovation leader Künz is  relying on Continental’s CraneMaster for the new container crane FREERIDER (RTG).

FREERIDER and CraneMaster – a safe combination

With the new FREERIDER container crane, Künz is breaking new ground and enabling more efficient and faster container handling in ports. The crane can be operated at a higher driving speed and even be operated with load right from the start. The high degree of flexibility in handling and the stiffer overall concept of the crane bring greater comfort for the crane operator, in addition to significantly increased safety. When choosing the tyres for the FREERIDER, innovation leader Künz is relying on Continental. Each of the 16 CraneMaster tyres guarantee the crane operator the necessary freedom of movement with maximum safety and a long service life.

“The tyres deal with enormous loads in the day-to-day work at the port. We have opted for Continental’s CraneMaster tyre because it has been able to meet this challenge in the best possible way,” says Walter Schönecker at Künz GmbH.

“Container cranes lift extremely heavy loads, which leads to very particular demands on the tyres,” adds Julian Alexander, product line manager for Material Handling at Continental. “Flat spots or damage to the carcass are not uncommon. The CraneMaster has an exceptionally robust tyre design that has been specially developed for these challenges. This makes it ideal for the FREERIDER.”

The ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system ensures additional safety. Integrated in the Künz CraneManagement system, it informs the fleet operator about tyre pressure and temperature.

The Continental CraneMaster

Continental developed the CraneMaster to improve the efficiency and mileage of port vehicles under extreme loads. It has an exceptionally robust tyre design, which reduces wear and damage due to the high loads on the tyre sidewalls and the tread. Compared with conventional tyres, it offers excellent manoeuvring properties, even when rotating, high stability, low rolling resistance, delayed aging, and optimised wear.