If you want a software system for your workshop that enables you and your team to deliver the best customer experience; then look no further than the solutions offered by Compilator DD5 and Team2. Happy customers will return more frequently and promote your business to their friends and family. At Compilator we have 25 years’ experience of software development which allows your team to focus their time in front of the customer by using the simple and intuitive functionality.

The fast pace of change in the market puts great demands on tyre and fast fit software solutions whether it is a retail customers’ expectations or those of an account customer like electronic invoicing. To support this rapid development and need for integrated systems there is a crucial need for a solid technical foundation. And it’s now that Compilator’s big investment of 80 man-years really pays off. “We have anticipated this development for many years, and therefore invested a lot of resources in technology and new code language to ensure great customer experiences and integrations”, says Anders Paulcén, CEO at Compilator.

As part of Compilator’s international expansion, Mike Glover is recruited as Sales Director. Mike is based in UK and was previously responsible for First Stop in Northern Europe and has a broad network of contacts and over 32 years of experience in the industry. Mike emphasizes the vision of Compilator – to be the natural ERP choice for every tyre trade and fast fit dealer: “I cannot see why a dealer should consider any other solution provider than Compilator. With Compilator any dealer big or small – can feel comfortable with having the latest future-proof technology with functions based on feedback from customers. Our complete solutions empower our customers with all possibilities, integrations to other systems included.”

Mike continues: “The trends within the European market means that independent tyre dealer and fast fit’s will seek the shelter of an umbrella offered by chains like First Stop and Point-S for fleet, hard and soft maintenance, purchasing and marketing. In turn the chains will develop their action plans to include a range of digital services where the added value offered by Compilator is included in the system or can be integrated.