Compilator continues to invest in fleet services for tyre business’s and has acquired Inforoute as a means of leading that expansion. The Inforoute online fleet inspection software will now be launched in all Compilator markets across Northern Europe.

Being a natural step in the international expansion, Compilator have acquired Inforoute Ltd. Anders Paulcén, CEO at Compilator is pleased with the acquisition: ”Over many years I’ve worked with Fleet as an important part of our software solutions. With the acquisition of Inforoute we get a deeper insight into the Fleet industry and can strengthen our presence in Fleet across all Northern European markets. We will now add resources to integrate the software in our solutions and continue developing the functionality.”

Starting in 2003, Inforoute developed mobile fleet inspection tools for fleet operators, tyre dealers and tyre management companies, with monthly vehicle inspections now running at 25000. As fleet operators depend on their tyre service provider to ensure they retain their “O” license, the Inforoute software Truck Tyre Manager Vision helps them work together to minimise vehicle down time and tyre costs. With Inspector Link, technicians can quickly check and log tyre depths, pressures and faults for all vehicles in a fleet. And then, managers can instantly review the inspection data online, monitoring progress and quickly organising repair work to save time, maximise productivity and achieve compliance.

With over 2500 tyre workshops and 25 years of experience, Compilator is the market leader for tyre trade and fast fit software solutions in Northern Europe. Our solutions are easy-to-use software systems, ensuring improved cost efficiency, a more profitable business and satisfied customers. We also offer software for easier repair shop work and customizable web shops. Over the years, we have developed our solutions tocontinuously respond to new demands. Our broad knowledge allows us to understand your work day, as well as what drives your business. Simply put, the best conditions for good tyre business.