Chicane Offers High Quality Facemasks During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Well-known public relations and marketing specialists Chicane has stepped up to help support the industries it represents by offering face masks and other specialist safety clothing during these difficult times, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although recognised as a specialist in the automotive and motorsport sectors, Chicane has also worked within the safety & workwear industry and has close contacts with global manufacturers and suppliers.

Chicane co-founder, Gary Barak said: “With this in mind, we are in the fortunate position to be able to offer those that may have difficulty obtaining face masks and other safety equipment, with an opportunity to obtain them from source.

“The range of face masks includes FFP2 advanced protection, FFP3 with filters, full face length shield masks, as well as the standard KN95 daily protection surgical masks that many people are now wearingwhen outside.

“Although I don’t believe there is unequivocal scientific proof that wearing a face mask will prevent someone contracting Covid-19, it must help, if only to discourage the wearer from touching their face, which we are told is the most common cause of transmission. However, if someone isn’t feeling well, has any kind of virus or cold, then wearing a mask is even more important, as it substantially reduces the risk of them passing it on.”

Although, the masks are sourced from the manufacturers, Chicane will arrange for these masks to be sent direct, which saves both time and logistic/warehousing issues during these difficult times.

The minimum order quantity is currently 1,000 pieces, but should the requirement be for manufacturing plants or future events such as exhibitions, concerts etc., once the country is out of lockdown, the supply of over 100,000 units is also possible.

For further information of masks and other enquiries, including costs and delivery options, please contact Gary Barak on 07973 159070 or email Office:  01923 265894