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Celebrating 25 Years of Vredestein Traxion Technology

In 1997 Vredestein introduced the Traxion+, which, for the time was a revolutionary tyre with a strong divergent pattern compared to the usual tractor tyre patterns of its period. The tyre was introduced in the then increasingly popular and modern 70- and 65- low profile series.

Traxion+ could really be seen as revolutionary because of its curved lug shape. The curved lugs guarantee a perfect road behaviour and low wear combined with high traction in the field due to the lug shape and the self-cleaning properties. This development today known as the Vredestein Traxion concept still has a very important role in Vredestein’s current modern tractor tyres as the VF Traxion Optimall, the Traxion XXL, Traxion 65, Traxion 70 and Traxion 85.

The developments in the last 25 years where the modern tractor plays an important role both in road transport and in the field, where higher horsepowers need to be transformed into traction have helped the Vredestein Traxion tyres to be so successful. Large scale farmers and contractors experienced Vredestein Traxion tyres lasting more hours on the road and perform better on traction in the field saving time and money.

Since 1997 many things happened. In due course, Vredestein Traxion tyres are well known all over Europe and more and more are fitted on new tractors as first choice. A.o. with  New Holland, Case, John Deere, Claas and Massey Fergusson.

All reasons to celebrate this so important step that started 25 years ago. During this September, Vredestein receives press and customers from all over Europe at its factory and R&D centre in Enschede (NL). On a demo field in the beautiful rural countryside the newest Vredestein tyres will be shown and new products for 2023 will be introduced. In 2023 Vredestein will bring two new series of trailer tyres in a VF line for optimal soil preservation as also a heavy duty line for trailers mainly focused on road transport.

Also in these new developments, we see parts of the Vredestein Traxion concept as long life and self cleaning are key points in Vredestein’s agricultural development program.

Traxion, 25 years old and still alive and kicking !