Caterpillar Awards BKT SQEP Platinum Certification

BKT has been approved for Caterpillar SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process) recertification and elevated from Gold to Platinum level, for the year 2021.

This important recognition is dedicated to suppliers who distinguish themselves over the year by achieving the highest levels of quality and control over processes.

In particular BKT has stood out for its unwavering and total commitment in terms of leadership, quality, service and customer support. A commitment made by the whole BKT team and which permeates every part of the company, from design to production, up to ongoing customer assistance.

It is a major success for BKT. The SQEP Platinum certification, besides rewarding the Indian multinational’s efforts in logistics and its range of innovative, high-quality products, is further confirmation of the successful collaboration between Caterpillar and BKT, which becomes the basis for even stronger synergies and partnerships in the future.

“We are proud of this result – stated Mr. Arvind Poddar, Chairman and MD of BKT – we have not only confirmed the high quality of our processes, we have gone beyond that and reached the highest level possible. This prestigious recognition from Caterpillar is concrete proof of that, but we won’t stop here. We will try to continuously improve our standards and our performance for our suppliers. BKT’s journey is one marked by continuous evolution and development”.