BYD Fits Continental Tyres to its Atto 3 Electric SUV

BYD, one of the biggest car manufacturers in China, has approved Continental tyres as original equipment for its all-electric Atto 3 worldwide. The compact SUV will come factory-fitted with 18 inch EcoContact 6 Q premium tyres. These are designed for exceptionally quiet and energy-saving driving, characteristics that are especially beneficial for electric vehicles such as the Atto 3.

The EcoContact 6 Q features a special rubber compound that minimises energy absorptionwhile the vehicle is in motion and, in turn, reduces friction and rolling resistance. Continental’s developers have also improved the tyre tread, helping to reduce rolling noise. In addition to short braking distances, the premium tyre offers exceptional grip on dry and wet roads and excellent cornering stability even at high speeds.

For more than ten years now, Continental’s developers have been optimising their tyres to achieve ever lower rolling resistance, low rolling noise and long service lives – with zero compromise on safety. As a result, all tyres developed by Continental not only fulfill the specific needs of electric vehicles but also help to reduce combustion engine emissions in the long term. This strategy is suceeding, because in 2022, nine of the ten most successful manufacturers of electric vehicles worldwide chose Continental as their original equipment manufacturer thanks to its technological expertise.

This tyre line and size are approved for the BYD Atto 3 in numerous countries