Brisa Is Featured Amongst Global Leaders in CDP’s Climate Change Program

Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing Inc. received an “A” rating and is featured amongst global leaders in Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Climate Change Program’s “Supplier Communication Rating” list, which has been irk for the first time.  

Brisa, the parent company of Lassa Tyres, which is also featured amongst the CDP Turkey Climate Change leaders, carries on with the Fight Against Climate Change Program focusing on the environment, and by setting-up social and corporate governance systems.

CDP is an international environmental reporting platform based in London holding the largest corporate climate change, water and forestry-risk data at hand.  Brisa, the parent company of Lassa, featured amongst global leaders with an “A” rating in the “Supplier Communication Rating” category of CDP’s program, which aims to govern climate change risks as well as to report the collaboration performance in the supply chain.

Brisa was also awarded with an “A-” rating in CDP’s Climate Change Program for its work to reduce the effects of climate change and protect natural resources. Brisa also earned itself a place in the awards-podium in CDP Turkey Climate Change Leaders category.

Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing Inc. CEO, Haluk Kürkçü stated; “As the COVID-19 global pandemic also unfolded; we all need to take responsibility for the future of the world. As Brisa, we are whole-heartedly becoming a part of the solution. During the last 15 years, we have been consistently carrying on the Climate Change Response Program with concrete projects with an environment, social and corporate governance focused perspective. Today, taking advantage of our R&D and digitalization projects, we are making further progress in our sustainability journey that took its first steps in 1990s and opening unchartered territory for others. We are now being announced as one of the global leaders of CDP’s Climate Change Program supplier communication category. We are thankful that our steps in the field of sustainability are crowned with awards. As Brisa, this success and global leadership makes us proud of ourselves and motivates us for the future.”

Brisa, under whose leadership Lassa Tyres operate, has been following carbon emissions data since 2005 and has been reporting to CDP its carbon emissions and water data since 2011. The company surpassed its goal to reduce carbon emissions per unit production in 2020 by 25% compared to its 2005 data by 6 points and reached 31% reduction with a year in advance in 2019. Brisa further set-up a goal to reduce water consumption by 61% in 2020 compared to 2008 and reached 53% water savings level in 2019. Brisa also reduced its energy consumption by 40% in 2019 compared to 2008, when it first started its energy conservation projects, with the contribution of a total of 421 projects it has carried on thus far.

Brisa, the governing body of Lassa Tyres, also became the first company in Turkey and Europe to earn the ISO14046 Water Footprint Standard in 2017.