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Bridgestone’s long-term approach to fleet management, coupled with a flexible way of working, has helped secure a huge commercial partnership with Collease.

The relationship between Bridgestone and Collease was rekindled two years ago, when the tyre manufacturer embarked on a complimentary testing programme with a sample of Collease vehicles run on the R168 product, in an attempt to underline the performance and reliability of its products.

Bridgestone’s National Fleet Executive Neil Collison said: “We are incredibly proud to be able to work with Collease and have worked hard across the business to provide a bespoke package of solutions to meet their needs.

“Our Total Tyre Care offering means we will regularly audit all five sites in Norwich, Felixstowe, London, Southampton and Manchester in an attempt to get maximum life out of each tyre we supply. Meanwhile, we have shown flexibility in being able to provide a network of dealers that Collease were looking for, and a reporting system which saved valuable time.”

Sean added: “Neil’s knowledge and attention to detail left an impression with us and our first impressions of Bridgestone have been extremely positive. It is nice to work with a business which speaks the same language as us and understands our needs.”

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Bridgestone’s National Fleet Executive Neil Collison (left) shakes hands with Collease Tyre Manager Sean Norman.