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The first tyre manufacturer to introduce run flats in the 80s, Bridgestone continues to pioneer the technology with product line roll-out

Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber company[1], is committed to provide solutions to the real problems drivers face on the roads. Journeys interrupted by a punctured or damaged tyre cause delays, inconveniences and can lead to dangerous situations. To combat this issue, Bridgestone has today announced the expansion of its proprietary and revolutionary DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology (RFT), becoming available on its main product lines as of November 2018. This is a leap forward for everyday drivers in terms of safety, convenience and peace of mind as DriveGuard RFT will allow them to keep going even in case of a puncture.[2]

For almost 90 years, Bridgestone has provided drivers with the confidence to get where they need to go as conveniently and safely as possible. During this time the business has transformed from a leading tyre manufacturer to a solutions leader in mobility, and developments in Run-Flat Technology have been central to this shift. Bridgestone first introduced the technology to the world in the 80s, and now even more drivers can experience its benefits, which is in line with Bridgestone’s ongoing commitment to road safety.

Bringing DriveGuard RFT to Turanza, Blizzak and Weather Control lines

Even when faced with punctures, air leaks or tyre damage, Bridgestone DriveGuard RFT enables drivers to keep control and continue driving safely for 80km at speeds up to 80km/h.[3]Consumers will now be able to experience these crucial safety benefits alongside the performance capabilities of the Turanza, Blizzak and Weather Control tyre ranges.

The availability of Run-Flat Technology on main product lines for replacement market is unique to the industry, as all other tyre brands restrict the technology to tyres equipped as original equipment on specific car models. Bridgestone’s tyres with DriveGuard RFT can be fitted on any car equipped with TPMS.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and President Bridgestone EMEA, says, “The development of Run-Flat Technology is hugely important to Bridgestone. We were the first to bring it to consumers over 30 years ago and have continued to be at the forefront of the technology ever since. You never know what can go wrong on the roads, but our run-flat tyres give drivers peace of mind on their journey and ensure they arrive safely at their destination. This is essential to drivers and will become even more important in the future with autonomous cars. By increasing the availability of this technology and its benefits to even more drivers means we can continue to keep everyone going, no matter what.”

Come and see Bridgestone at Paris Motor Show (Pavilion 1, Stand B 222) to learn more about Bridgestone premium offer of tyres and mobility solutions from 2 to 14 October 2018 (Press Days: October 2ndand 3rd).

[1]Based on 2016 tyre sales. Source: Tire Business 2017 – Global Tire Company Rankings.

For 80km at speeds up to 80km/h. Driving distance after a puncture may vary depending on vehicle load, outside temperature, and when the TPMS is triggered.

3Driving distance after a puncture may vary depending on vehicle load, outside temperature, and when the TPMS is triggered.