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Bridgestone Launches a New Dimension in Agricultural Tyres

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, introduces the premium VX-R TRACTOR tyre range with wide-tread traction that lasts. Developed with a particular focus on the total tread width in contact with the soil, the Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR provides farmers with a high tread-rubber ratio exactly where it is needed for long-lasting performance.

A wide tread width for excellent traction that meets farmers’ expectations
The Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR features a wide tread width that sets it apart from other tyres and offers three key benefits:

  • Wide traction: All VX-R TRACTOR tyres have a tread-width which is at least as wide as the nominal tyre width (the number in the size description on the sidewall). This provides more contact between the tyre and the soil, maximising the traction of Bridgestone’s involute lug design.
  • Long wear life: Ensuring that tread-width equals nominal tyre width further increases the wear life of Bridgestone’s outstanding wear-resistant compound. The Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR has the same high-performance tread compound used for the well-known VT-TRACTOR and VX-TRACTOR ranges.
  • Excellent driver comfort: A wide tread equals a bigger footprint on the road for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Improved tractor and tyre efficiency through a matched Rolling Circumference
The Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR range has been designed with a matched Rolling Circumference for each FRONT / REAR tyre combination, optimising the performance of both tractor and tyre in the most favourable LEAD range. This provides an exact front axle lead, meaning that the front tyres travel slightly faster than the rear tyres, by design. This improves fuel efficiency, tyre life, and traction, contributing to optimised tractor road handling and drivetrain performance.

Supporting the move towards sustainable farming with ENLITEN
Through ENLITEN Technology, the Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR range moves farmers closer to more sustainable farming without compromising on tyre performance. In line with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment and the company’s long-term environmental vision, the VX-R TRACTOR, the first Bridgestone agricultural tyre range to feature ENLITEN, has been designed to support the company’s sustainability commitment.

Better farming with Bridgestone – a trusted partner to farmers across Europe
Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR range can be fitted to any tractor and combined with any brand. The tyres are 1.6 bar specification and will be available in 23 sizes through 2023 – with an additional 23 sizes to be introduced in 2024, in 65, 70 and 85 series from 24 to 38 inch rims.

Waqqas Ahmad, Director Commercial Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA, said: “At Bridgestone, we believe that agriculture is our world lifeblood. That’s why we are constantly pushing the boundaries of agricultural tyre performance to provide the best solutions for farmers. With the launch of the Bridgestone VX-R TRACTOR, we’re responding to farmers’ needs for more sustainable tyres which reduce soil compaction. This range allows us to reach a new dimension for long-lasting agricultural tyre performance, while also contributing to a move towards more sustainable farming.”

Introducing the new AGRO-TYRE-PRESSURE application
In a further development of the functionality of the Bridgestone and Firestone agricultural tyre apps, first introduced in 2017, Bridgestone presents AGRO-TYRE-PRESSURE, a smartphone application that helps farmers to define the right pressure of their agricultural tyres from a range of different brands. This application, developed by Bridgestone in collaboration with other tyre manufacturers, helps farmers to find the correct inflation pressure for each implement on the farm – all within one app. Farmers now no longer need to consult each brand’s app to find the correct use information for each farm tractor and wheeled implement. Using the correct tyre pressure for each machine maximises the tyres’ service life, traction, and fuel efficiency, and minimises soil compaction.