Bridgestone Become Official Tyre Partner of the 2023 EV Rally

Bridgestone’s pioneering EV tyre technologies will be brought to life in the most memorable style imaginable, after teaming up with the iconic EV Rally 2023 event across the UK and Ireland.

The five-day, 1,200 mile ‘e-Rally’ will feature 50 electric vehicles stopping off at the five capital cities between July 3rd and July 7th and Bridgestone has agreed to be an official sponsor for the first time. The event provides Bridgestone with an opportunity to demonstrate its innovative Enliten technology and EV Ready products such as its new Turanza 6 tyre and Duravis Van.

Bridgestone’s North Region Vice President Andrea Manenti said: “We couldn’t think of a more appropriate or relevant event to partner with than the EV Rally, as we make a long-term pledge to the environment and sustainability to earn the trust of future generations.

“As part of our commitment to help shape a sustainable future of mobility, we’re investing to make electric mobility more efficient and accessible to drivers and fleets and the EV Rally is a brilliant campaign which shares our sustainable philosophy. We will be pioneering our premium, ‘EV ready’ tyres and will demonstrate their value to a huge audience over five exciting days.”

The EV Rally (EVR) is a demonstration of UK and Irish EV charging infrastructure, combined with clean and innovative vehicle technology. It will cover the charging point network, where it’s good and where there’s a need for improvements.

Clean energy projects and iconic landmarks are just two highlights from the Capital City Challenge, which will begin in Cardiff on July 3rd, taking in London, Edinburgh and Belfast before reaching the checkered flag in Dublin on July 7th 2023.

Colin Boyton, EV Rally Event Manager said: “We are delighted that Bridgestone has joined us this year as the official tyre partner. It adds a whole new strand to the messaging and narrative that we can communicate while the rally is live.

“So much is made about the range, the innovative technology in the vehicles and charging infrastructure. But what sometimes gets lost is the other key parts and elements that make EVs the right choice, in terms of efficiency, and tyres are a big part of that. Together with Bridgestone, we aim to showcase just that.”

The EV Rally sponsorship coincides with the launch of Bridgestone’s new Turanza 6 tyre, which has been designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles. It’s the result of many pioneering technologies, with various innovations in tread pattern, compound and construction that amplify its performance capabilities. These include the cutting-edge and sustainable TECHSYN and ENLITEN – a set of technologies providing best-in-class tyre performance with a step change towards sustainability compared with previous generations, which are both featured for the first time ever on a Bridgestone replacement tyre.

The Turanza 6 is perfectly suited to hybrid and EVs, helping to optimise their performance. This includes low rolling resistance to save battery life and address range anxiety concerns, excellent control to address EV-specific driving-related issues, higher wear tolerance to combat tyre wear due to the increased weight and higher torque, and decreased noise for driver comfort owing to the near non-existent engine noise of EVs. It also delivers a reduction of 2db in pass-by noise versus its predecessor.