Aiming to be a top tyre Manufacturer world-wide, NANKANG has been striving to produce the highest quality and most durable tyres in the market.

The FT-9 uses the Slogan “Born to conquer” due to its excellent performance to conquer the award of TAIWAN EXCELLENT 2012.FT-9is an ambassador of the NANKANG high quality product range.

FT-9 “Mud Terrain Terminator” is aimed at off-road enthusiasts. With its extra large shoulder lugs for enhanced shoulder traction,Nankang FT-9 is competitive over rocky, muddy, uneven and harsh surfaces, on which its interlocking shoulder block design enhanced grip and prevents mud build up for better maneuverability. The technical tread patterns on Nankang FT-9, hook-shaped block, z-shaped zigzag grooves and the prominent bar on the bottom of the grooves, are designed to give extra traction in superior off-roadconditions. Nankang global marketing guru Ian says “Nankang FT-9 will certainly get the attention of anyone who takes off-road traction seriously.”

The Nankang FT-9 comes in a range of sizes from 165/65r14 to 35*12.50r17LT, speak to your nearest approved Nankang dealer for pricing and availability.