Hofmann Megaplan, one of the most respected names in tyre equipment, have recently introduced what is widely considered to be the ultimate in tyre fitting and removal technology. Meet the Smart X.

The Smart X was conceived with one obvious job, to enable the safe fitting and removal of any passenger car tyre. But there is also a more subtle remit behind the machine – to make the tyre fitting process as automated as possible, effectively removing any possibility for human error.

The company has achieved this by introducing an intelligent ‘dead man’ system which is live throughout every part of the process. This ensures that when a particular function is being carried out, all other functions become inactive.

“There are so many automated tyre changers on the market today”, commented Andy Currell, Equipment Specialist & Technical Support at Hofmann Megaplan and first to be factory-trained on the Smart X.

“However we don’t believe anybody has produced anything with quite such a level of simplicity and intuitive ability to avoid mistakes. Essentially, at each stage of set-up, the only function that will operate is the one you are completing. Everything else is inactive and remains that way until you are ready to move to that next stage. Once you are set-up, the machine has a full 3D ‘image’ of the rim and tyre, so from then on it literally does everything for you!”

Probably the best testament of the Smart X’s capability comes from the fact it has been approved by BMW, a manufacturer which can offer up notoriously difficult wheel assemblies due to the shallow well within the rim and run-flat tyre combination. When being installed into a BMW dealership, the machine is also supplied in the corporate colour scheme and relevant branding.

The first Smart X in the UK has now been installed at Hofmann Megaplan’s centrally-located showroom and training school near Peterborough. All interested parties are welcome to visit for a full demonstration. Additionally, a video showing the machine in operation is available at the company’s website,