Seregno (Italy), August 6, 2018 –BKT faces resolutely the telehandler market, a segment that is undergoing strong evolution, and demands high performance in terms of load capacity, safety as well as resistance against mechanical stress and cuts. This way, the complex needs of construction sites, farms and freight villages can be satisfied by means of a highly performing range designed as a response to these specific requirements and making operators’ work more comfortable. 

Especially developed for telehandlers in industrial applications, MULTIMAX MP 527 is a versatile radial tyre providing excellent traction and stability especially during the lifting stage thanks to an aggressive tread design and the robust sidewall. Extraordinarily resistant and durable, this tyre is available in many sizes.

Outstanding versatility, instead, is the distinguishing feature of RT 747 AGRO INDUSTRIAL. This agro-industrial tyre ensures maximum stability and excellent grip thanks to its extra large lugs. It is a perfect multi-purpose tyre that can provide best support in many applications and is now available in the two sizes 460/70 R 24 and 500/70 R 24.

Particularly versatile is also MULTIMAX MP 522, a tyre that is suitable for any agro-industrial application providing great stability and high load capacity. The reinforced bead along with the steel belts ensure excellent traction plus extraordinary cut resistance – essential features for digging and loading operations. There are many sizes.

Another solution designed for agro-industrial handling equipment is CON STARwhich distinguishes itself by means of great vertical and lateral stability– an essential requirement for lifting operations. The tyre features wide lugs that increase the contact area on the ground enabling the tyre to with stand heavy loads. Being made of a special compound, the risk of cuts and other damages is notably reduced and a more extended tyre life-cycle is ensured. CON STAR is available on the market.

Particularly suitable for municipality and maintenance applications as well as loading operations isTR 461. This tyre has an extraordinarily robust sidewall turning into increased resistance against cuts and chips even on extremely hard surfaces.

Excellent traction plus top self-cleaning properties make GRIP STAR a real star. The tyre is perfect for all seasons and particularly suitable for operations on muddy terrains. It is presently available in size 15.5/80 – 24.

Last but not least, there is AS 504, a specially developed tyre for both transport and soil tillage operations, providing extraordinary self-cleaning properties in addition to enhanced grip. A large variety of sizes is able to satisfy even the most specific user requirements.

These are just a few solutions out of the extensive BKT portfolio for telehandlers, which represents a selection of top-of-the-range tyre solutions. These are the result of the Indian multinational’s continuous spirit of cooperating with their customers in order to design tailored solutions for multiple applications and any specific requirement and need.

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