Automechanika (Frankfurt, Germany), September 11 – 15, 2018 – BKT is ready to make its debut at Automechanika in Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry. It is a first that aims at making their mark right from the beginning. Indeed, it will be impossible to overlook the mega dumper and the huge tractor made of plexiglass. These extraordinary examples of outstanding engineering skills are displayed at the Indian multinational group’s booth along with top-of-the-range tyres that are representative for the several Off-Highway segments and lineups.

Being an exhibitor at this 25th edition of the trade show is both a first and a tradition, since for the first time the REIFEN trade fair all around tyres, previously known from Essen, will be held as co-located show alongside the automotive event par excellence. BKT’s presence at Reifen has indeed been a traditional appointment for the company that has been looking for new business and public opportunities ever since, and that is definitely not going to miss this new combination.

“Automechanika in Frankfurt means the untold new challenge for us, Ms. Lucia Salmaso, MD of BKT Europe states.- “We are fully aware of taking part in a big and prestigious platform having a strong appeal to an international audience. We deeply hope that this collocation within such a significant frame will provide us with the opportunity to meet and have a dialogue with a new kind of public in view of growing the business and of spotting both opportunities and space for growth. As always and everywhere, we are taking our style in terms of trade show appearances to Frankfurt and are confident to make our mark – as it usually happens.”

Without any doubt, the BKT booth will not pass unnoticed being it the only space hosting a giant dumper and a huge tractor that are both fully made of plexiglass. It is a winning combination of two executions proving both extraordinary engineering and artistic skills united by means of structures designed and built in minute detail. The dumper has a weight of 6.5 tons and is built by means of a load-bearing structure consisting of 68 connecting tubes and 530 turned nylon spacers fastening 127 plexiglass sheets (4 tons) that were cut by means of laser technology.

This piece of mega equipment scaled 1:1 is fitted with six EARTH MAX SR 45 M tyres (size 24.00 R 35), which are specifically designed for rigid dumpers. Since these tyres must provide maximum performance even under the toughest conditions, they feature an All Steel casing, a class E-4 tread depth as well as cut resistant and heat resistant compounds. This mix of elements ensures both excellent traction and outstanding resistance even over long-haul operations.

The plexiglass tractor, instead, has a weight of 1,500 kg and is equipped with a cutting-edge latest-generation tyre, namely AGRI MAX V-FLECTO in the two sizes VF 710/60 R 42 NRO and VF 600/60 R 30 NRO. Specifically engineered for enhancing the performance of the technologically most advanced tractors, this tyre offers a winning mix of features making it unique in its kind: reduced soil compaction, minor operating costs, combined usage in the fields and on the road without the need for changing inflation pressure as well as increased load capacity (+40%) at the same inflation pressure of a standard tyre of the same size.

Also PORT MAX PM 93 and BK-LOADER 53 are on display at the stand. The first is a specific tyre for intermodal transport, and perfectly suitable for straddle carriers. Particularly resistant, extraordinarily durable and ensuring a high load capacity is PORT MAX PM 93 – a tyre that is able to handle even the heaviest loads maintaining a high level of stability. Moreover, it provides the operator with a comfortable drive without slipping and reduces fuel consumption at the same time.

BK-LOADER 53 is BKT’s first tyre that is specially designed for recycling operations. It features an aramid-belted structure, a special tread pattern ensuring excellent lateral stability along with an extra deep tread, which stands for extraordinary resistance against wear, cuts and punctures. In addition, BK-Loader 53 distinguishes itself by means of top self-cleaning properties as well as excellent grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

These products are representative for just a few application segments, in which the company operates. It would be definitely impossible to display all BKT lineups in one single showcase since the company comes up with one of the most extensive product portfolios worldwide.

The stand at Automechanika has a particularly “open” and spacious design that is simply inviting and tempting to enter the BKT universe and to get close to the extraordinary, crystal-clear dumper and tractor – undoubtedly two eye-catchers and the expression of both the brand’s modernity and impetus. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to take part in a contest and to win immediately some exclusive, BKT branded gadgets.