BKT is the New Partner of Tractor Of The Year

Tractor of the Year (TotY) has a new partner: BKT, one of the leading manufacturers in the world of specialist Off-Highway tyres. The partnership will last for 4 years and comes into force today, 6 May.

TotY is a historic award, which started in 1988 and which over the years has “brought together” the main names from the media world of agricultural mechanisation, leading to the creation of a jury of 25 experts. Every year the jury studies technologies and solutions and gives the Tractor of the Year award to the best European tractor.

TotY and BKT have a lot in common: the Award is a symbol of cutting-edge technology and a vision of the future, two concepts which are very dear to BKT. Uniting the Indian multinational with TotY are also the principles of the central role of sustainability, absolute quality and support for technological research.

Commitment, sharing and growth are the founding values of TotY, but also of BKT, values which the company has clearly expressed in its slogan, Growing Together.

The new partnership was created with the goal of disseminating know-how and expertise in agricultural mechanisation, in which BKT will act as an expert on the ‘tyre’ component. As from today, the Award becomes a source of information and updates, and there are numerous initiatives to follow in this regard.

“I am enthusiastic about this project,”said Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe “I can’t wait to start. TotY is a genuine institution and a reference point in the agricultural world, we are proud to be part of this group. We have a lot to offer as regards the ty re world, an essential component for the machinery-system. TotY looks to the future and so does BKT, this unites us.”

“This new edition of the Award is absolutely fascinating and we are only at the start,”said Fabio Zammaretti, Chairman of Tractor of the Year. “It’s an honor to be able to start this new adventure alongside BKT, a very dynamic company with which we will work side by side to offer a range of innovations, starting from the first digital version of theTotY, which will culminate in the awards to the winning vehicles from four different categories. The best of luck to the team and may the best tractor win!”

‘Let the challenge begin’has always been the slogan for the Tractor of the Year, now more than ever, and alongside BKT, it is ready to face the new journey into technology and the future.