BKT At Agritechnica: The Future Is Here

BKT starts with the future at Agritechnica 2019 and deploys an entire fleet of tyres at its stand – whether they are novelties or best sellers – they are connected by an ambitious technology project. For BKT, this topic is not a competition; it is an essential mode that pushes the company to search the best response to the issues of modern and future agriculture, naturally linked to sustainable production. Indeed, nowadays manufacturers are called to provide innovative solutions to increase efficiency of operations safeguarding at the same time both the environment and the people living within.

Among the many possible sustainable paths that make this sector a real and lively challenge, BKT has decided to focus on soil protection, an essential element for a “careful” production. At Agritechnica, the company comes out with three novelties: FL 633 PERFORMA designed for agri trucks in addition to V-FLEXA and RIDEMAX FL 699 designed for trailers and agricultural implement.

The 2019 innovations

First of all, there is V-FLEXA, a latest-generation flotation product featuring VF (Very High Flexion) technology, which enables the transport of heavy loads with an inflation pressure that is 30% less than that of a standard tyre of the same size. This tyre combines VF technology with a tread equipped with steel belts conferring greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to impacts. V-FLEXA has three additional steel-belted layers of HD (Heavy Duty) steel and features a super-resistant sidewall for further improved performance. The extra-large contact area allows a perfect load distribution being extremely gentle to the soil wherever necessary, avoiding hence its compaction and preserving the value of the crops. V-FLEXA is displayed in size VF 600/55 R 26.5.

Also on display is the 600/50 R 22.5 version of the brand new FL 633 PERFORMA, specifically engineered for agro trucks. It is an innovative solution that enhances both tractor and truck performance features tomeet the special needs of modern farming. Thanks to its ultra-resistant structure, extraordinary load capacity, and excellent durability, FL 633 PERFORMA marks the future of flotation tyres that are perfect for multiple activities in the fields and even for travel on highways reaching up to 100 km/h.

Last but not least,on display is RIDEMAX FL 699 in size 24 R 20.5 to complete the novelty fleet. Itis perfect for road applications with trailers and tank trucks thanks to the reinforced bead that ensures better stability even at high speeds. It also ensures an extraordinarily comfortable ride providing safety and driving control. Even if this radial tyre has been designed for a 90% on-the-road usage, it also ensures excellent performance in the fields. It has been designed with a particular focus on load capacity to decrease the number of transport cycles.Other distinctive and winning features of RIDEMAX FL 699 are its high mileage and long durability.

The BKT tyre lineup at Agritechnica

In addition to the three innovations at the BKT stand there is also the innovative AGRIMAX V-FLECTO– a winning combination of technologies aiming at improved productivity and latest-generation tractors’ performance on any type of terrain. The special reinforced bead along with the ultra-resistant casing make AGRIMAX V-FLECTO the ideal tyre for combined usage without any need for changing inflation pressure while moving from the fields to the road and vice versa. It is exhibited in size VF 600/60 R 38.

Moreover, there is RM 500 displayed in size 600/65 R 28. As a steel-belted radial tyre, RM 500 is extraordinarily suitable for implements with harvesting applications. Its robust casing and the special tread pattern stand for high load capacity along with excellent cut-and-chip resistance. The large contact area ensures optimum pressure distribution on the ground providing excellent traction along with reduced soil compaction.

Huge transparent tractor and trailer

BKT’s way of showcasing tyres is not traditional. On the contrary, dominating the stand is a huge crystal-clear tractor made of Plexiglas with an overall weight of 1,500 kg fitted with AGRIMAX V-FLECTO. This way, BKT highlights its tyres as key-components and players of the machinery system.

Also at the BKT stand is a transparent trailer, which is pulled by the tractor, and fitted with the brand new V-FLEXA tyres. A photo opportunity to share.