Bartec is launching new software to update over one hundred thousand tools in North America and Europe and the TPMS Desktop and Service Center packages which work with the data collected.

The tool software involves a number of menu and process changes to make the servicing of TPMS vehicles even more easy-to-use. This includes quickly accessing data from part finished or recent jobs and a new choice of service functions available for the selected vehicle.

The Bartec tools are able to work with all of the major programmable sensors in the market and functionality has been increased to display all of the sensors (OE and programmable) available for a given repair.

A cloning function is available to enable the technician to create a winter tyre set with the same IDs as the summer tyre set. A manual ID entry function can be used if a sensor is broken and cannot be read electronically.

The instructions to manually relearn the vehicle after replacing a sensor, ECU or other TPMS part are present on the tool in all major European languages. The user is now given a choice of the different relearn options that are available (which could be OBD and Drive for example).

New technical tips are included for challenging vehicles.

Technical Information including sensor information, replacement part numbers and service kits are listed to ensure the right part is sourced and fitted. Vehicle information now includes a  summary of what services are available for that vehicle, and the OBD location. The user can now review vehicle data including: check sensor data, relearn sensors data, DTCs, VIN, and other data collected during diagnostics and service.

When coupled with the Bartec Service Center the tool and software package can significantly improve workshop efficiency. Inspection reports and management reports enable an enhanced customer experience and lead to increased sales of TPMS sensors and valves, tyres and alignment and other services.

This latest release of the cloud-based system is designed to increase sales and customer engagement. It connects the front of shop with the back office and the service bay thereby improving productivity, whilst creating a seamless and professional experience. Data captured by Bartec tools, during front-of-shop inspections, include tread depth, wear pattern, TPMS, battery and brake condition. This critical information, with supporting images, can be printed or displayed on a professional Inspection Report and the management data used to drive productivity and performance across multiple sites. Real-time inspection data can be consolidated into reports to show which sites are effective and which are not.

Bartec Service Center and the new tool software updates represent a game changer for tyre shops. Tyre shops have quickly adapted to using Bartec’s PC packages with over 15,000 tyre shops now using the Bartec TPMS Desktop PC package daily.