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Avon Tyres to Add 16 New Sizes to Avon AS7 All Season Tyre Line-Up

Avon Tyres is excited to be expanding the line-up of its newly-launched Avon AS7 All Season tyre with 16 additional sizes in response to strong demand. Initially catering for 14-inch to 18-inch wheel rims at launch, the range will soon offer 19-inch and 20-inch options.

Eight new sizes are being produced for 17-inch rims (ranging from 205/45R17 to 235/65R17), along with the 19-inch (235/55R19 and 255/50R19) and 20-inch (255/45R20) arrivals. There will also be four more sizes for 18-inch rims (ranging from 215/55R18to 235/55R18) and one more size for 16-inch rims (215/65R16).

The Avon AS7 All Season, which features Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS) and Mud and Snow (M+S) ratings, is made to perform throughout the year, in a wide variety of weather conditions.

Main features include an advanced construction and durable compounds, delivering impressive wear results and an even footprint; lateral 3D siping and grooves for excellent water evacuation and wet braking, attaining an EU grade B label in this category; while the latest all-season silica and resin technology – part of an upgraded tread compound – generates excellent tyre grip over a broad temperature range.