Apollo Vredestein’s Tips For Safe Winter Driving

In the wake of the latest Auto Trader survey, the “Winter Driving Study”*, which shows that up to 80% of the drivers surveyed are unaware of cold weather-related issues like safe stopping distance, do not carry out basic winter car maintenance, or demonstrate knowledge of best practice and guidance when driving in challenging conditions, Apollo Vredestein adds its voice to the industry’s efforts to ensure safe driving all year round.

“Drivers seldom consider carefully what tyres to fit, when driving in unusually challenging conditions,” says Apollo Vredestein UK Country Manager Karl Naylor. “We have to face the fact that tyre purchasing is not ‘sexy’ – it is just not an appealing experience for consumers (hence it’s difficult to communicate messages about the importance of tyres), and it’s almost always a distressed, rather than voluntary purchase. Tread depth, pressure, tyre quality and function are often overlooked, and safety parameters still not widely known.”
Apollo Vredestein boasts over a hundred years’ history and expertise as a European tyre manufacturer, and over a quarter of a century of that journey has been dedicated to developing, producing and perfecting all-season tyres, a segment of the market which has been showing a clear growth in the UK as well as across Europe in the last three years.

According to Auto Trader’s survey, only 6% of British drivers change their tyres from ‘normal’ or summer tyres to winter options, when the weather changes.

“Our award-winning winter tyre range includes the Wintrac Pro, the latest premium winter tyre designed for high performance vehicles,” continues Naylor, “but if changing tyres from summer to winter twice a year is not a desirable option, then Vredestein’s undisputed leadership in the all-season tyre segment comes to the fore, with the largest portfolio by far.”

Benefits and features of Vredestein’s all-season tyres include:

  • All-weather peace of mind
  • Secure grip in challenging driving conditions
  • Brilliant handling, traction and braking in cold wet and snow conditions
  • 3-peak mountain snowflake symbol – meaning performance levels comparable to winter tyres in wintery condition

“We continuously strive to promote those benefits to the driver, and have recently run two successful, customer-focused campaigns: in one, all participants who purchased a new set of our award-winning Quatrac all-season tyres were sent a smart speaker to reflect their ‘smart’ decision. In the other, upgrading to the Quatrac all-season tyres triggered up to £60 cashback for the replaced tyres. We remain committed to educating the end-user to the benefits of using the correct tyre in all circumstances and put our expertise at the drivers’ disposal.”

* Data from Auto Trader Winter Driving Study, carried out in November 2019 on a sample of 2006 drivers. 

** Data from Ministry of Transport.