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Apollo Tyres, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, is tapping into the tyre market for commercial fleets by elevating its service standards with a focus on increased convenience. The company formally inaugurated its first Apollo Truck Tyre Zone (ATTZ) in Thailand with TEN TEN Auto Tyres located in HatYai District in Songkhla Province. ATTZ is equipped with modern tools and one-stop solution services.

Satish Sharma, President APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa) Apollo Tyres Ltd, said, “Apollo Tyres is committed to providing the best products and services to our consumers. This integrated ATTZ centre brings together the strong partnership between Apollo Tyres and TEN TEN Auto Tyres, which has 30 years of extensive experience in truck services, and is well-known among truck owners in the southern region of the country.”

Apollo Tyres provided modern equipment to the Centre including a steel bar bender machine, a wheel alignment machine for cars and trucks, automatic tyre changer and wheel balancing machine. This will help enhance TEN TEN Auto Tyres’s service performance for cars and buses, and efficiently reduce maintenance costs of vehicles serviced through improved fuel consumption.

“We have seen the strong and steady growth potential in Hat Yai, which is a strategically important logistics area in the southern region of Thailand. The launch of ATTZ will help us cope with growth in commercial fleets and increasing demand in radial tyres, as our prices are more affordable, together with our quality products. We decided to engage with TEN TEN Auto Tyres, one of Apollo’s important partners in the south because of their expertise and professionalism in providing services, to launch Thailand’s first integrated ATTZ for truck tyre customers in the south. We are also planning to open more such outlets to serve fleet customers in the ASEAN region, said Shubhro Ghosh, Group Head – AMA (ASEAN, MiddleEast and Africa) Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Apollo Tyres has been conducting marketing for radial tyres in commercial fleet markets for trucks and buses in Thailand since 2013, bringing increased choice to Thai consumers. With a focus on reducing overall tyre costs for local operators, the company is producing and developing quality products, providing superior after-sales support, as well as analysing and helping fix problems for local operators.

Currently, Apollo’s Truck Bus Radial tyres(TBR) are available in 17 variants or models according to vehicle size and function,on various road conditions including smooth or bumpy roads, straight or curved courses, or long straight roads. Apollo’s tyres are also fit for buses, mixer trucks, and dump trucks for construction (e.g. Apollo EnduRace RA, Apollo EnduMile LHA, Apollo EnduTrax MA, etc.).

TEN TEN Auto Tyres began its tyre retreading business in HatYai over 40 years ago. The company subsequently expanded by opening a tyre dealer shop and extended its distribution and service centre for trucks and passenger vehicle tyres. TEN TEN Auto Tyres was appointed by Apollo Tyres to be Thailand’s first ATTZ as the company retainsa professional and experienced team, with technicians who have long been servicing large vehicles. TEN TEN Auto Tyres is looking to become Hat Yai’s largest service centre for trucks and passenger cars.

The company believe that its commitment of offering the best products and services, and elevating service standards for commercial fleets with the launch of Thailand’s first ATTZ in Songkhla province, together with TEN TEN’s expertise in auto tyres would be a win-win situation. Owners involved in the transport business will be able to reduce their overall expenses on tyres (including service, maintenance, and problems with suspension and the vehicle’s body), while bringing out the highest efficiency in tyre usage. This will contribute to the industry’s elevated service standards for commercial fleets which will in turn, help to make Thailand the region’s logistics hub.