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Another Win for the All-Rounder, AllSeasonContact™

Continental’s AllSeasonContact™ reigned supreme in this year’s all-season tyre test from the UK’s best-selling weekly selling car magazine, Auto Express. The AllSeasonContact™ test win sees another victory for the tyre, following on from success at its 2018 UK test debut.

Year on year, the Auto Express all-season test offers motorists a thorough overview of the market, helping tyre buyers make informed decisions for the safest and most assured tyres on sale.

Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief Auto Express said, “It’s yet another win for Continental in an Auto Express tyre test, proving that it’s a go-to brand for great quality tyres, especially in this increasingly popular and important all-season sector.”

The Auto Express All-Season test pitted the Continental AllSeasonContact™ against competitor all-season tyres in size 225/45 R17. Tyres were put through a series of tests ranging from snow handling to performance in wet and dry conditions.

Kim Adams, Auto Express Products Editor commented: “Continental has created a strong performer in the AllSeasonContact™, with good results in the wet, even better scores in the snow and low rolling resistance helping your fuel bills. It’s another well-deserved victory for the German brand’s great all-rounder.”

The AllSeasonContact™, Continental’s first all-season tyre for Europe, is ideally suited to the UK’s milder winter climate. Taking into consideration the different tyre characteristics needed for varying weather conditions, the AllSeasonContact™  has combined elements of both Continental’s premium summer and winter tyres to create the ideal tyre for all year-round use.

The tread design of the AllSeasonContact™ combines the effective aquaplaning characteristics of Continental’s winter tyres with the precision handling and short braking distances in dry conditions of their summer tyres – an essential requirement for tyres used all year round. The AllSeasonContact™ is available in 115 sizes in the UK and Ireland for 14 – 20-inch rims.

Tracey Mortimer, Marketing Director at Continental said; “We are thrilled that the AllSeasonContact™ has taken the top spot in the latest Auto Express tyre test. Our AllSeasonContact™ demonstrates Continental’s commitment to providing the safest choice no matter the weather conditions or season.”

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