AME International, a leading provider of tyre service tools and equipment based out of Florida, has entered the port business with its Easy Gripper, an innovative tyre handling tool that allows users to safely and efficiently manipulate and handle all sizes of port tyres.

Fenix Marine Services, one of the largest container terminals in the largest container port in the Western Hemisphere, recently adopted the Easy Gripper and has become the first port terminal in North America to feature this technology.

Matt Dickinson, Senior Manager, Terminal Management, said the Easy Gripper has “added more value to our operation than any other piece of gear.”

The Easy Gripper made its entry into the market several years ago and gained popularity among underground mines and quarries.

“We’ve installed Easy Grippers in tyre shops, tyre and equipment manufacturers, mine sites and now ports,” said Mike Farrell, AME’s Repair Manager. “Many ports are currently using forklifts to maneuver these stacks of tyres. It’s always great to see our products improve safety, productivity and processes for our customers.”

In addition to unsurpassed customer service, AME offers guided installation for all units sold, regardless of global location.

“After selling to other industries, we’re pleased to focus on the North American Intermodal market, said Keith Jarman, AME’s President. “Safe and efficient handling of port tyres can be achieved affordably with this design.”

AME will display at the Intermodal Expo in Long Beach, September 15-18 and will be offering demonstrations of the Easy Gripper at the nearby port.

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