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Shortly after its market launch, more and more foresters and contractors rely on the new 344 Forestar ELIT, the world’s first low-pressure forestry tyre.

From now on, Alliance extends the series by an additional special size for forwarders. The F344 ELIT is now also available in size 600/55-26.5 20 PR F. “This makes it possible to use the innovative and above all soil-protecting tyre concept on common forwarders as well. This revolutionary tyre is now available in 5 different sizes,” explains Francois Girard, ATG country manager for France.

True world’s first!

The world’s first low inflation tyres Alliance Forestar 344 ELIT with constructional enhancements are able to carry the same load being inflated only up to 2.5 bars in comparison with the standard forestry tyres inflated with 4.5 – 5 bars. This is possible due to the ELIT technology standing for Engineered Low Inflation Tyre.

Low pressure tyres offer a significantly larger footprint, leading to a lower soil compaction and a comfortable ride for an operator. In addition, a larger footprint provides high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall productivity of operational forest work. Thanks to special tread compounds and the reinforced dual bead, this tyre is made for a long service life and offers exceptional performance and stability also when operating with reduced inflation pressure.

Keeping soils in forests undisturbed as much as possible is a prerequisite for a proper plant growth, following timber harvest and logging operations. The main adverse effect on forest soils is an excessive compaction caused by vehicle weight, type of running gear, tyre inflation pressure, tyre size, and tyre construction. The F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) thus allows for a significant reduction of soil pressure due to its construction and operation with a reduced tyre inflation pressure.

The most modern forestry tyres on the market

Earlier this year, Alliance launched its renovated III-series forestry tyres under the patters of Forestar 643 III and Forestar 644 III. These are the most modern forestry tyres on the market with a lot of technological improvements. Both tyres were developed for maximum traction and optimum performance under all circumstances. In addition to the heavy sidewall profile and the heavy tread, the low sidewall deflection is yet another key feature: The sidewalls will not deflect more than 5 % even with 100 % load, thus ensuring maximum stability. Due to the tyre’s sturdy construction with improved heavier nylon, special steel belts and the hexagonal bead technology, this tyre offers excellent puncture resistance, high load carrying capacity and durability.

Forestar 644 is available in 9 different sizes and Forestar 643 – in 4 sizes.