Albourgh Launches Robust D Especially for Tough Conditions

Tyre manufacturer Albourgh is introducing a new tyre to the market, specially designed for the drive axles of trucks under the tough conditions on building sites and in road construction; Albourgh Robust D. These tyres have excellent resistance to punctures and damage and offer maximum grip in all conditions. The Albourgh tyres meet the latest European requirements. The new Robust D is of the new global Albourgh brand.

Great self-cleaning ability and excellent traction

The Robust D tyres are suitable for the drive axle of vehicles working in tough conditions and regularly going off the beaten track. One of the advantages of the Robust D lies in its sophisticated tread design, which ensures great self-cleaning ability. The wide, deep, transverse grooves increase traction, give the tyre self-cleaning ability and prevent irregular wear. To increase mileage, an extra-deep tread of up to 23 millimetres and an extra anti-wear layer in the rubber compound were chosen. The extra strong carcass makes the Robust D perform well at high loads and also makes the tyres more resistant to punctures and damage.

“The conditions on construction sites and in road building are extreme for tyres. The combination of heavy loading and rough terrain places high demands on wear resistance and grip,” says Business Unit Manager Albourgh TBR Jeroen Vos. He explains how Albourgh can call itself a state-of-the-art brand: “Albourgh is a brand new professional tyre brand that goes further where others stop. Designed to deliver remarkable performance. Brand new, but with a body of experience in the industry. We not only have specialist knowledge of tyres, but also immerse ourselves in the details of tyre deployment. For example, before a final launch, we make sure the tyres have been tested by different customers and thus know what requirements the tyres need to meet.”

100% Quality control

Albourgh tyres are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility with hi-tech European machinery. The policy of 100% quality control with very strict limits ensures consistent performance. After production, each tyre is individually checked for imbalance, height stroke and uniformity. Before final inspection, each tyre undergoes an X-ray inspection. For tyre specialists and transport companies, this means they can expect the highest quality and safety standards.

Albourgh is a professional tyre brand that goes beyond and exceeds expectations. The Robust D is available in sizes 13R22.5 and 315/80R22.5. Discover the full range of Albourgh tyres at