Absolute Alignment Launches New Bluetooth Lite Wheel Aligner

Aldershot-based Absolute Alignment, a specialist in wheel alignment equipment, has launched a new version of its popular Bluetooth Lite wheel aligner, a development on the existing ‘Lite’ product.

The new Bluetooth Lite has an extremely small footprint and is quick to put to work anywhere in the workshop. It can be used over a pit or on a variety of lifts, including two and four-post ramps and a scissor lift. The measuring heads have the power capabilities for a full day of use and the attached fixing clamps fit a range of vehicles, to meet most workshop demands.

The Bluetooth Lite cuts back on hardware but not on quality. The six-camera CCD alignment system is OEM-standard, and the aligner runs off a quality Samsung Android tablet so that technicians carry out adjustments without needing line-of-sight to a base unit. As with all Absolute Alignment equipment, on-site training and a full customer support service are included in the package to make sure garages benefit fully from the potential profitability.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “We are excited to launch the new Bluetooth Lite, which we see as a professional alternative to old-fashioned laser ‘tracking gauges’ for tyre bays and workshops. Our aligner provides four-wheel alignment for very little more money than the lasers, and with a greater degree of accuracy.

“The new Bluetooth Lite has been specifically designed to take up minimal space, making it more practical for independent workshops with less floor space. Plus, it is an extremely cost-effective option.”

For further information on the new Bluetooth Lite and the full range of wheel aligners available from Absolute Alignment, go to www.absolutealignment.co.uk. Alternatively, call 01252 549340 to speak to a member of the technical team and to book a free demonstration.