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Absolute Alignment, the UK’s leading provider of the latest wheel alignment technologies, has announced nearly 50 Absolute Alignment Approved Motorsport Centres across the UK – workshops dedicated to providing the best in race car servicing and set-up.

All Absolute Alignment Approved Motorsport Centres are equipped with the company’s high-end 3D, digital and Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment, which the Farnborough-based outfit showcases via domestic and international motorsport.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “These centres bring the benefits of a pro team to both hobby racers and track day drivers. Our relationships with professional motorsport have shown us that our four wheel alignment equipment wins both in the pits and in the workshop.”

Absolute Alignment directly supplies teams competing in the British Touring Car Championship, British GT, the Porsche Carrera Cup and Caterham’s motorsport ladder – with equipment that does not rely on pre-set information and is capable of working outside road car parameters.

Watch the ‘Absolute Alignment in motorsport’ video, featuring Power Maxed Racing and Welch Motorsport, to find out about the importance of wheel alignment: